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Charisse is a Scottish on camera & voiceover actress based in Los Angeles. 

She is a British and American Citizen, working as a professional entertainer in both the US and UK. 

Training at the prestigious Dance School of Scotland: Musical Theatre Course, Charisse received her Associate of Trinity College London (A.T.C.L) teaching Certification. She then furthered her education in Los Angeles, receiving a full scholarship to study at American Musical Dramatic Academy.

Miss McLennan offers a wide variety of dialects & vocals, for film, brand advertisement, video games & animation characters. Promos & dubbing. She has a professional home recording studio and is a trained singer. 

Charisse recently collaborated in an all women's cast and crew to create a comedy short "CYA" which received an honorable mention in the March 2022 Independent Shorts Awards. Lookout for more coming very soon on "Make it a Double" youtube channel!

Height: 5'7

Hair Color: Golden Brown

Eyes Color: Green


Location: Los Angeles, CA




Keena Ferguson | Make It A Double |

Lead Actress

Melissa Blue Ward | Just Another Day |

Crimson Engine | Herd of Turtles |

Lead Actress

Lead Actress

Tomas Cineprods | Trapped |

Lead Actress

Crimson Engine | Lady Macbeth |

Lead Actress

Blackened Irish Productions | Barfly

Supporting Actress

Cindy Yantis Productioins | On Georgia's Mind |

Featured Actress

Special Skills

Charisse is a trained Voice-over Artist, specializing in the following dialects;

American Dialect, RP Dialect, Cockney accent and Russian Accent.

Trained vocalist. Trained Stage Fighter. Trained Dancer. 

Competitive Athlete & Competitive Swimmer. 

Gymnast & Yoga Enthusiast. 

Training & Workshops

Aquila Morong Studios | Dolores |

Lead Actress

Quinns Productions | Check Please |

Multiple Roles (Lead)

Underground Theatre | 5 Short PLays by Suzanne Bradbeer |

Lead Actress

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow | Our House |

Featured Soloist/ Multiple Roles

BGB Acting Studio                                  Sydney Walsh

The AFA Studio                                       Aqueela Zoll

Aquila Morong                                       Deborah Aquila 

Swords Fight Inc                                      Brian Danner

Voice-over Coaching                                Marc Graue

Improv/Comedy Intensive 

American Musical Dramatic Academy

Associate Trinity College of London

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland | A.T.C.L |

Lead Actress/Featured Soloist

SECC, Glasgow | An evening of Cabaret |

Featured Soloist/ Multiple Roles/Ensemble

TV & New Media

Buzzfeed | American v's Scottish Snacks|


Nick Kroll Promo | Formal Guest |

Guest Appearance


(List upon request)

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